Juanma vs. Concepcion…the day after

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Concepcion lost. Live with it.

It’s not as if it is the end of the world for Concepcion. At 22, he’s got a long way to go. His second fight at featherweight he fought for the title. and got DQed after almost decapitating his opponent with a late punch. He again fought at feather against a rated fighter, in a fight he was supposed to lose, yet, somehow he found a way to deck the guy and repeatedly make him eat leather throughout the fight. A few months later, here’s Concepcion again, at 22, getting his second shot at the title, against a very very good fighter in Juanma, and in Puerto Rico at that – Juanma’s own backyard!

No shit everything’s going against Concepcion. Again, he was in a fight he was supposed to lose. In fact, the contract for Juanma’s mega-fight with Rafael Marquez was signed, sealed and delivered.

Concepcion lost. He fought Juanma’s game and paid dearly for it. He was not doing his usual feeling out rounds, getting comfortable, getting a jab or two in, then quickly darting out. In fact, Concepcion uncannily didn’t land a single jab. He was out of character chasing Juanma with powershots, leaving himself open for counters, and when he got caught, he spent the rest of the time trying to dodge Juanma’s blitz.

Concepcion’s 22. In a year or two, he’d probably get another shot or two at the title. Hopefully by then, it woulf be on even terms. Not in a situation where he needs to knock his opponent out to win. Concepcion showed us he’d got power, and gave Juanma his first taste of the canvas. He showed us he’s got chin, he took Juanma’s best shots and keep on ticking, maybe next time, he wouldn’t let that much land on him, just to land a few of his own. Concepcion’s young, he’ll learn.

So let’s not make like Ronnie Nathanielsz and give stupid excuses, Let’s not be like Ed dela Vega and blame some poor dude who practically didn’t have anything to do with his loss. Concepcion got KOed. This is his first real loss in quite a while, but we have to put it in perspective. Unlike Khan, Ortiz or Bautista, Concepcion wasn’t knocked out by a no-namer…he lost to Juanma Lopez, and Concepcion never quit.


Lopez vs. Concepcion

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Concepcion ready for Juanma

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Photo by Jose Perez/PRBBP

After a few days here in Puerto Rico, world ranked challenger Bernabe Concepcion is almost ready to get into the ring to battle Juan Manuel “Juanma” Lopez this Saturday at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in the “Challenge” a world championship fight promoted by Top Rank and PR Best Boxing Promotions and to telecast live on Showtime. “I am almost there. I will be set to go on Saturday. I have to work very hard to be ready for this fight and in the next few days is just about putting the final touches on my training,” said Concepcion yesterday during a media workout at the Wilfredo Gomez Gym in Guaynabo.

Lopez will defended his WBO featherweight championship against Concepcion, a very strong fighter who is getting his second shot at a world title.

“I know that I have to be at my best to defeat Lopez and I will be. If people think he looked good at 126 pounds, I will too. There are no secrets here between us, he is coming to fight and so am I. This one will be a war,” said Concepcion.

Concepcion worked very hard for 90 minutes under the watchful eye of Bubboy Fernandez, the good friend and corner man of Manny Pacquiao.

“It’s going to be a tough fight for both us. I don’t care that he is in his hometown. I came here to win and to take belt home; that’s why we work so hard for this fight,” Concepcion said.  > For more photos and details click here

Juanma Training Hard For a “Hungry” Concepcion

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By Jhonny Gonzalez

WBO featherweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez is less than a month away from making a defense of his title against Bernabe Concepcion on July 10 in Puerto Rico. Lopez is a big favorite to win and although there is already a tentative fight scheduled against Rafael Marquez on September 18, he is not overlooking the challenge of Concepcion, who Lopez described as a “hungry” fighter with power.

“His style is difficult because you don’t know what kind of punches he will throw. He’s strong. He’s only 22-years-old, even younger than me, and he has the desire to win,” Lopez told El Nuevo Dia.  > Link to Full Story here

Word from the Wild Card: Bernabe Concepcion focused and sparring Jr. Welterweight Ernie Zavala

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If you are looking for a live underdog to root for this summer, Bernabe Concepcion may be your man. The 22-year old will find himself in the fight of his life this July 10th when he challenges dangerous WBO Featherweight champion Juan Manuel Lopez in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Concepcion was granted the opportunity by defeating Lopez’ countryman Mario Santiago this past February at the Hilton in Las Vegas, Nevada in a wild affair. > Full story here.

Santiago v. Concepcion Winner could get Juanma

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By Rick Reeno

Next week’s featherweight bout between Mario Santiago (21-1-1, 14KOs) and Bernabe Concepcion (27-3, 15KOs) will be very interesting. BoxingScene.com has been informed the winner could become a candidate to fight WBO champion Juan Manuel Lopez in the spring. Santiago-Concepcion takes place on the Pinoy Power 3/Latin Fury 13 pay-per-view on February 13 from the Las Vegas Hilton. >>>link here

Concepcion Luevano Recap: Abe loses by DQ

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