Pinoys criticize Abe Concepcion for winning in enemy territory!

Posters in Philboxing forum and Pacland labeled Concepcion a bum after carving out a win against a rugged Mexican in Mexico!

Concepcion like I said in past posts is not as gifted a boxer as Pacman, Boomboom et al. yet you have to give it to him, because HE GETS THE JOB DONE. He was up against a featherweight who came in heavier yet HE GOT THE JOB DONE. He went into the guy’s territory and not withstanding the possibility of a hostile crowd and possibility of a hometown decision…HE GOT THE JOB DONE. People (pinoys at that) have been labelling Concepcion a lucky dude for getting a fringe title – a flash in the pan, yet at 19, HE GOT THE JOB DONE. No hoopla, no flashy write-ups and articles and press coverage, the guy just went there and successfully defended his title for the second time – against another featherweight at that.

The guy isn’t dying to be called the next big thing in pinoy boxing, he didn’t call out anybody, didn’t make brash predictions, he just did his thing and did what a number of other pinoy hopefuls have recently failed to do – WIN. Some fought here in the Philippines, got a decision and is never as berrated as Concepcion, some lost or came up with a pathetic draw on clear hometown-tainted judging yet it is Concepcion who’s being called a bum and overrated. The mexican commentators said it themselves in the last few rounds of the Concepcion-Ruiz fight “Concepcion clearly outclassed and out-powered Ruiz”.

C’mon guys, show some love. If you expected Concepcion to KO Ruiz, you should bear in mind that Ruiz hasn’t been KOed before, yet Abe in round 10 almost gave Ruiz his first taste of the canvas. Watch the fight on youtube here here and here  Here’s the final rounds of that fight.


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