Juanma Lopez ducked NABF Champ Bernabe Concepcion?

Promising prospect Juanma Lopez apparently got cold feet and opted for a fight in Puerto Rico against somepuertoricanchump instead of pitting his “awesome” skills against another prospect, the Philippines’ Bernabe Concepcion. I can’t blame Juanma and his management though, they have their eyes set on a possible match with rising mexican fighter Daniel Ponce de Leon for the latter’s WBO superbantam belt and squaring off against Concepcion might just derail their title shot.

Talking about Bernabe Concepcion, the NABF and WBC Youth Champ just recently carved out an ugly unanimous decision win over rugged Juan Ruiz in Mexico. A fight that showed chinks in the 19-year old Champ’s inside-fighting skills. Anyway, I believe he earned the UD win. Moving forward, now that all the other bignames in superbantamweight division are apparently scheduled to fight other superbantam bignames, Concepcion and his pal Juanma Lopez just might end up facing each other in the end – that is if Juanma Lopez doesn’t do a Paul Williams in Puerto Rico. Full Story>>>


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