From Ronnie Nathanielsz “Handling Criticism”

“While we are on the subject of vicious criticism, there are those who have bitterly assailed our North American Boxing Federation champion Bernabe Concepcion for what some of them felt was a poor showing while others continue to loosely use the word “bum” in referring to some of our boxers. This is shameful because these young men are doing their very best for their country and at the same time striving to improve the quality of their lives.

Concepcion fought well. He beat a tough Mexican in his own backyard. He won praise from WBC president Don Jose Sulaiman and Top Rank promoter Bob Arum, who were both at the fights. The astute Arum said Concepcion put on an excellent show against a rugged opponent and that the Mexicans love Concepcion. It is indeed sad if not a shame that while the people of the man he beat admired Concepcion some Filipinos sought to put him down.”

An excerpt from “Handling criticism by Ronnie Nathanielsz, Manila Standard Online Feb 19, 2008


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