’s Dong Secuya on Concepcion’s own forum

This was website owner/developer Dong Secuya’s response to a petition to grant Bernabe Concepcion his own forum in’s list of up-and-coming Filipino fighters.

“Let me join into the discussion and voice my rationale and criteria in creating the forums for our up-and-coming boxers.

Suico and Mayol — when their forums were created they were the top prospects of Philippine boxing, the most promising of the crop and their forums where then created under the ‘Future Filipino World Beaters’ section. During that time, it was only natural that they should have their own forums. Suico and Mayol also fought for world titles though they’ve failed.

Bautista and Gorres — By this time, the section had been changed to ‘Up-and-Coming Filipino Boxers Who Are Making Waves’. Bautista and Gorres were making headlines and were rated at the top of their divisions which qualify them to have their own forums under the new section. Though they both failed to capture a world title in their first tries, their search for it continue.

Bobby Pacquiao — Bobby was given up for lost after being knocked out by Rakkiatgym in the first round in 2005 with a record of 24 wins and 11 losses. But Bobby made waves by coming and fighting in the US beating in succession the highly rated Carlos Navarro, former world champions Carlos Hernandez and Kevin Kelly. Result: his own forum.

The last to be given a forum under ‘Up-and-Coming’ section was AJ Banal. When Banal was 13-0 (10 KOs), there was already a clamor for his own forum. Not until he was 16-0, impressively knocking out his last 3 opponents, that his own forum was created. Also Banal was already being noticed by the mainstream American and European boxing media as one of the world’s top prospects. In fact, when his forum was created, it was already long overdue.

As far as Bernabe Concepcion is concerned, though he has a very good record, he has yet to penetrate the radar of the mainstream boxing media or win impressively against a known opponent or climb to the top of the world rankings. He may be in a better position now than Suico, Mayol and Bobby Pacquiao but that is not the criteria for one to have his own forum. Suico, Mayol and Pacquiao just bombed out after being given a chance to shine and after being top contenders. Concepcion right now is not yet a top contender and he may be two or three fights away from a world title fight. If anything, credit should be given to Arum’s matchmaker, Bruce Trampler, for slowly bringing Abe to the top.

As I said in answer to badboypeenoy’s PM, I felt that Abe is one impressive win away to have his own forum. So let’s all wait for the outcome of Abe’s next fight. Peace!”

View the complete discussion and petition for Abe Concepcion’s own Philboxing forum here>>>


2 Responses to “’s Dong Secuya on Concepcion’s own forum”

  1. stephen m., pasig Says:

    Si Dong Secuya na pala ang nagdidikta ng who’s who sa Philippine boxing scene ngayon?

  2. Happy Halloween my friends! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

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