Concepcion vs. Ruiz Round by Round

by Ramon Aranda

Bernabe Concepcion (23-1-1, 13 KOs) vs. Juan Ruiz (21-6, 6 KOs)
12-rounds NABF super bantamweight title fight

Round 1: A good round to start of for Concepcion though the two fighters went toe to toe. Bernabe ends up with a bloody nose courtesy of Ruiz, but Concepcion lands the hardest punches of the round going to the head and body ferociously. Ruiz rips to the body when he gets Concepcion trapped on the ropes. This one will end in a KO folks. Concepcion gets the nod.

10-9 Concepcion

Round 2: What a round for Ruiz who perhaps being inspired by the bipartisan crowd, bullies Concepcion all over the place and punishes the body. Ruiz, who certainly isn’t a hard puncher, dug into Concepcion like he was Mike Tyson. Concepcion was all defense in this one so Ruiz wins it clearly.

19-19 Even

Round 3: Another excellent round for Ruiz. This one is quickly reminding me of Hatton vs. Tszyu where Hatton was keeping his head in Tszyu’s chest all night. Ruiz is frustrating Concepcion by staying in his face and digging the left hook tot he body. Concepcion is a viscious puncher but is allowing himself to get trapped in the corner; Ruiz is warned for using his head. Round goes to Ruiz.

29-28 Ruiz

(We see Erik Morales at ringside and the seats are filling up fast.)

Round 4: Juan Ruiz will not let Concepcion breathe. He is smothering him while unleashing uppercuts and body shots. Midway through the round Ruiz lands another headbutt and loses a point. Terrible time for a point deduction as Ruiz could build up more points. Concepcion looks uncomfortable right now and Ruiz is outworking him here. Ruiz gets the round but loses a point…stupid!

38-37 Ruiz

Round 5: Concepcion is finally picking up the pace and creating some room between himself and Ruiz. The commentators mention that all three judges at ringisde have Concepcion ahead…WHAT?? Which fight are they watching. This is supposed to be a showcase for Bernabe but has been getting outhustled. Concepcion has success with some big right hands and right uppercuts. Ruiz makes a comeback in the last minute of the round and Concepcion suddenly looks winded. Geeze…you think months of sparring and jogging would keep him in shape. Round goes to Concepcion.

47-47 Even

Round 6: An all-out brawl in this round with Ruiz using his elbows to push Concepcion off of him followed up by hooks to the body. Concepcion has his mouth open and his breathing extremely hard. If Ruiz had punching power, we may have been waiting on the next bout already. Ruiz deserves the round based on his workrate.

57-56 Ruiz

Round 7: This one’s getting dirty folks! The crowd is eating it up as there’s now some pushing and shoving going on and Concepcion is given his second warning for pushing Ruiz across the ring. The referee is losing control of this fight. Aside from the roughouse tactics the two go toe-to-toe at the end of the round that doesn’t end after the bell; the referee has to step in seconds later. Concepcion wins this one.

66-66 Even

Round 8: Bernabe Concepcion suddenly finds something that works for him in this round. He side-steps to the left and throws a hook. The uppercuts are proving successful for Concepcion as Ruiz continues to rush him head first. Ruiz is still throwing punches and bunches but wasn’t able to land anything significant. He does manage to taunt him a few times but that’s not going to win him any rounds. The Filipino wins this one.

76-75 Concepcion

Round 9: With both guys extremely tired, they say “the hell with this” and go for broke. Unfortunately for Ruiz, he’s the one on the receiving end of most of the combinations. The misfortunes continue as Concepcion is deducted a point for excessive holding. Boy this referee is being kind of a jerk in there. It’s Bernabe’s round but it ends as an even one due to the point deduction.

85-84 Concepcion

Round 10: Concepcion now looks like the fresher of the two and his punch output is higher than Ruiz’. Juan looks a bit gased by the end of the round and Concepcion lands a snapping right hand along the ropes that buckles Ruiz. Concepcion now looks in control and takes this round.

95-93 Concepcion

Round 11: Unless Ruiz has a Hasim Rahman right hand, he will likely lose this fight. Concepcion once again outworks him here and lands some crisp left hooks. Ruiz is only throwing one punch at a time now and they’re mostly finding Concepcion’s elbows but still comes in with his head. If I was Bernabe, I would have led Ruiz by the neck coming in and pushed him outside the ring.

105-102 Concepcion

Round 12: The round almost immediately begins with Ruiz being penalized another point for God knows what. The ref thinks he’s Vince McMahon in there and is hearing it from the crowd who begin to chant “Culero! Culero!”. Translation; asshole! The two go head to head again and trade punches. Ruiz tries to bully Concepcion again and Bernabe must have heard me through telekenesis (spelling?) and pushes Ruiz across the ring which prompts another point deduction. C’mon ref, let them just finish the damn fight. Bor Arum nearly has an anurism as he walks across the apron yelling out profanities most likely. I don’t blame you Bob! Concepcion does the better work either way and wins the round. This makes it a 9-8 round by the way….blah!

My final score is 114-110 for Bernabe Concepcion

Jimmy Lennon Jr. announces the scores as 114-111 (twice) and 114-112 all for the winner by unanimous decision: Bernabe Concepcion


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