Forgotten hero?



The “next big thing” is essentially a prequel to a standard elevated
so high that it contrasts an even higher standard than its predecessors.
And when combined with a sport such as boxing, its gets personal
as elites turn into national heroes in their respected countries.
But what happens when such an athlete is not given the chance and is

Meanwhile, Puerto Rico seemed to have embraced their Micguel Cotto
as their current hero after Trinidad. Both Mexico and Puerto Rico
have good exposure. So the their next icons wont be faced with too
much scrutiny.

But one of the countries,thats lacks exposure such as Mexico and
Puerto Rico, is the Philippines, Thus the long drouhg between
Elorde and Pacquiao ! Filipino Manny Pacquiao has certainly
set the bar very high.And like Barrera and Morales, so too will
Pacquiao pass the torch tothe next icon.

And thats where Philippine’s Bernabe Concepcion comes in. He could
possibly be the next filipino sensation to come from the island of
pearls But the Philippine spotlight is currently on Rey Bautista and
Nonito Donaire. Conception is only 20 years old and has a record of
24-1 with 13 KOs. His KO ratio is higher than Pacquiao in his earlier
years. He has a lot of heart as evident with his win over Mexico’s
Juan Ruiz. He’s in the same division as Rey Bautista but has never
been KO’d like Bautista. >>>> full story here


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