Concepcion not in Badlefthook’s top ten superbantams

But apparently, he’s the youngest of the lot and is apparently suffering the consequences of the BoomBoom Bautista debacle .

“20-year old Filipino prospect Bernabe Concepcion (25-1-1, 14 KO) has been looking for a step up and has yet to find a dance partner. He’s only 20. He should maybe take a look at what happened to Bautista when he was rushed and calm down a little.

The article also hinted that the Molitor-Concepcion fight that would have been on the undercard of the Pacquiao-Diaz fight was a result of Molitor’s managerial woes or that his split with his manager possibly came about because his manager refused that fight.

“Steve Molitor, Canadian scrapper who’s currently stuck in a bitter dispute with his management. Molitor and Caballero were talking about a fight for later this year, but that appears to be in jeopardy, which is too bad to say the least. The dispute may have also gotten in the way of a proposed Molitor-Bernabe Concepcion fight that would have been a great addition to the Diaz-Pacquiao undercard. The only word was that Molitor “refused” to fight Concepcion, which seemed odd.

Molitor is one of those guys that hits harder than his KO rate. Not to say he’s a puncher at all, but he’s got enough sock to discourage his opponents, and he stays active and doesn’t spoil a good fight with too much tactical stuff.

He also recently had a great quote, on the Caballero fight that is now a no-go: “(Promoter Allan Tremblay) offered $175,000 for that fight. That’s small potatoes. That’s what you offer a prostitute.”

Low blow? Maybe. A bit crass? Sure. But funny? Memorable? Absolutely.”

For the full ranking go here >>>


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