Is Concepcion vs. Bautista possible on December 6? Why not?

Bernabe Concepcion or Boom Boom Bautista?

Both are superbantams and that’s practically the only thing they have in common. One’s promoted by Golden Boy, the other by Toprank. One’s from the south, the other from the north. One’s an ALA-product, the other by oft Pacland/Philboxing maligned manager Aljoe Jaro.

They say Bautista’s management said “no” to a Bernabe Concepcion fight and I doubt if they will want to say yes to one now. But there’s a chance both might see each other inside the ring as Toprank and GoldenBoy Promotions will have another co-promotion this Dec 6. Reports say that Bautista is sure to be on the undercard already, and while Bernabe Concepcion still has a September 27 assignment on the way, win or lose, he will still have enough time to train and face Bautista under the Pacman v. Dela Hoya card on December.

So to stop ALA people and Cebuano fans from smearing Bernabe Concepcion, I suggest the two fight each other for bragging rights…even if its for a non-existent title of the best Filipino superbantam weight today.

Vote here and here.


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