“There was no way I was going to lose that Fight” – Concepcion

from Joseph Pimentel’s AsianJournal.com (AJPress) article
EL CAJON — There’s a saying “be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.” Freddie Roach had always said that Bernabe “The Real Deal” Concepcion needed tougher opponents to prepare for a world title.

Roach got more than he bargained for last Thursday night. At Manny Pacquiao’s first boxing promotional foray, MP Promotions, the 20-year-old Concepcion squeaked out a hard fought knockout victory against a tough chin, iron hearted Giovanni Caro of Mexico at the Sycuan Resort and Casino in San Diego.

“The Real Deal” Concepcion faced a real test. Concepcion’s last two fights ended in knockouts lasting five total rounds and he barely broke a sweat in either of those two fights. This one lasted eight rounds but he left the ring with a left eye the size of a baseball and had blood seeping through the corner slit of the eye.

Caro gave Concepcion fits all night long. Reminiscent of the Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto match up, Concepcion kept throwing his best shot at Caro but the strong willed Mexican kept coming.

During the first round, Caro landed a series of jab and right cross combinations aimed at the left eye of Concepcion.

In the second round, Concepcion landed a beautifully timed right cross to the chin of Caro, which immediately dropped him to the ground. This wasn’t enough to scare the Mexican fighter. And Concepcion did not try to finish him off.

By the fifth round, Caro continued to pepper Concepcion’s left eye, which by then had swelled to the size of a mouse.

It seemed that Concepcion threw the harder and cleaner punches at Caro throughout the night. However, the left eye now nearly shut bothered him creating a blind side that Caro quickly exposed. In between rounds, Roach’s corner was frantic trying to keep the swelling down as ringside doctors continued to monitor Concepcion’s eye.

In the eighth round, the two fighters were tangled up in the corner. Concepcion threw what seemed like a clean right uppercut to Caro’s right mid section area. However, Caro bent down like it was a low blow and the referee deducted Concepcion a point.

As Caro gathered himself, the ringside doctor made a quick check on Concepcion’s eye. The doctor was about to stop the fight due to the massive swelling around the left eye but Concepcion pleaded his case saying, “I can see. I can still see.”

With time running out and the doctor nearly stopping the fight, the predominantly Filipino crowd rose to their feet. Concepcion knew he had to finish the fight soon. He looked over to Pacquiao’s ringside seat. Concepcion bumped his chest twice with his fist and nodded over to the pound-4-pound king.

Once the referee began action, Concepcion pounced on Caro. Concepcion landed a series of right and left hooks cleanly to the head of Caro causing the latter to stagger towards the corner ropes. Concepcion continued to swing wildly and finished Caro off with another devastating right cross. Caro fell with his back towards the corner ropes. The referee counted him out.

After the fight, Concepcion, who required eight stitches after the match, said that there was no way he was going to lose that fight.

“I was just thinking of all the Filipinos out there in the crowd, [and] around the world supporting me,” said Concepcion. “I didn’t want to give up. I didn’t want to surrender. I wanted to keep going to give them a good fight so I kept fighting.”

He said that Caro was one of the strongest and best fighters he’s ever faced.

“He’s a good fighter and strong puncher,” said Concepcion. “He has a strong chin and even stronger heart.”

Roach said this fight would help Concepcion prepare for a world title shot.

“If we want to fight for a world title we needed some rounds instead of a two or three round fight,” said Roach. “He [Caro] gave me exactly what we wanted. It was a tough fight maybe more than we asked for but you know it’ll build character for Bernabe and now we know what to expect in tough fights. ”

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9 Responses to ““There was no way I was going to lose that Fight” – Concepcion”


  2. wow that was an impressive match of abe, i was not able to watch it live. that was a great test for abe. way to go abe!

  3. ey blah blah wait and someone will upload it on youtube

  4. yadi yak yak. this site is supposed to be the real deal’s hyping machine. what’s the deal eh? got something to hide from that win alright but a face beaten to a pulp. what? youtube you say, we’re tired of watching him eat halo2x forever and ever. lol

  5. I’ll be uploading the video soon. I have it. It was a very impressive fight. Sheez, I guess nobody likes to read anymore LOL

  6. where’s the support for sonny boy jaro? he needs it more than anyone else now that he lost.
    does this site only support bernabe or all Pinoy boxers?
    We need to see how our Pinoy boxers were doing. vids of laurente,viloria and jaro.

  7. Here’s the link to the Balitang America video I filed the day after the fight.

    full fight to be uploaded soon.

  8. thanks and thanks.
    hope we get the chance to see laurente,viloria and jaro.the others in action also, like laurente,viloria and sonny boy jaro.

  9. Laurente’s fight wasn’t that impressive so i didn’t tape all of it. Same with Viloria… it was eight rounds of Lagos running around and Viloria chasing him LOL
    Sonny Boy Jaro did not fight in this event.
    Here’s Bernabe’s fight with Caro Rds. 1-3
    Uploading all the videos now

    I made a slight mistake… Caro was knocked down in the 2nd round not third round. I got mixed up when I was uploading the video.

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