Juanma wants Concepcion!

In an article that appeared on elnuevodia.com, Juanma lopez vs. Sergio Medina apparently isn’t a done deal yet. Medina’s handlers merely offered Sergio Medina as a possible challenger to Juanma Lopez and that Team Juanma is still considering facing young gun Bernabe Concepcion. Team Juanma wants to fight on the undercard of Pacquaio vs. Dela Hoya on December 6 but insists that despite being a mere undercard, the money should be right for Juanma. It was said in other articles that talks of a Penalosa vs. Juanma fight didn’t push through because Penalosa was asking for too much.

[El invicto peleador boricua coincidió en que la pelea contra Concepción podría ser atractiva, por el hecho de que el filipino es considerado todo un prospecto de apenas 20 años de quien “se dicen muchas cosas”, y según López, un choque contra él serviría para aclarar dudas de quién es el mejor supergallo.]

Juanma Lopez, the undefeated Puerto Rican believes that the fight with Concepcion will be great because there are a lot of things being said about this 20-year old Filipino prospect. Juanma further says that a clash with Concepcion would put an end to all doubts as to who the better superbantam is.

This is good news, as the two was already supposed to meet in the ring earlier this year but Juanma chose to fight Oquendo in Puerto Rico instead. But Arum already said in an interview that he’s reserving Concepcion for his Dec 13 card in Macau, and since Concepcion like Pacquiao is also trained by Freddie Roach, I don’t think team Concepcion would be willing to accept the biggest fight of his career without Roach training him full time. I just hope Juanma would still be willing to face Concepcion early next year after their December assigments are done, otherwise, this statements of Juanma would be nothing but hot air.


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