Juanma vs. Concepcion…the day after

Concepcion lost. Live with it.

It’s not as if it is the end of the world for Concepcion. At 22, he’s got a long way to go. His second fight at featherweight he fought for the title. and got DQed after almost decapitating his opponent with a late punch. He again fought at feather against a rated fighter, in a fight he was supposed to lose, yet, somehow he found a way to deck the guy and repeatedly make him eat leather throughout the fight. A few months later, here’s Concepcion again, at 22, getting his second shot at the title, against a very very good fighter in Juanma, and in Puerto Rico at that – Juanma’s own backyard!

No shit everything’s going against Concepcion. Again, he was in a fight he was supposed to lose. In fact, the contract for Juanma’s mega-fight with Rafael Marquez was signed, sealed and delivered.

Concepcion lost. He fought Juanma’s game and paid dearly for it. He was not doing his usual feeling out rounds, getting comfortable, getting a jab or two in, then quickly darting out. In fact, Concepcion uncannily didn’t land a single jab. He was out of character chasing Juanma with powershots, leaving himself open for counters, and when he got caught, he spent the rest of the time trying to dodge Juanma’s blitz.

Concepcion’s 22. In a year or two, he’d probably get another shot or two at the title. Hopefully by then, it woulf be on even terms. Not in a situation where he needs to knock his opponent out to win. Concepcion showed us he’d got power, and gave Juanma his first taste of the canvas. He showed us he’s got chin, he took Juanma’s best shots and keep on ticking, maybe next time, he wouldn’t let that much land on him, just to land a few of his own. Concepcion’s young, he’ll learn.

So let’s not make like Ronnie Nathanielsz and give stupid excuses, Let’s not be like Ed dela Vega and blame some poor dude who practically didn’t have anything to do with his loss. Concepcion got KOed. This is his first real loss in quite a while, but we have to put it in perspective. Unlike Khan, Ortiz or Bautista, Concepcion wasn’t knocked out by a no-namer…he lost to Juanma Lopez, and Concepcion never quit.


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