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Concepcion Luevano Recap: Abe loses by DQ

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Goodluck Abe! Link to Concepcion vs. Otieno here!

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Watch Abe Concepcion gun for the WBC International Featherweight title tonight in this link at around 9PM Philippine time.  Goodluck Abe!

Feb 9 Latin Fury Card gets a facelift

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Junior bantamweight star Jorge Arce of Mexico suffered a shoulder injury training on Wednesday, forcing him to withdraw from his next fight, co-promoter Fernando Beltran told

In Arce’s place, junior flyweight titlist Edgar Sosa (30-5, 16 KOs) will make his fourth defense against Jesus Iribe (10-4-1, 6 KOs).

The same card will feature JCC Jr against unheralded Celaya, middleweight Jose Luis Zertuche against Marco Antonio Rubio and our very own Bernabe Concepcion going up against Juan Ruiz.Full story here>>>

Bernabe Concepcion with his manager Aljoe Jaro is now in the Wildcard Gym and will resume training soon according to a report by Ed dela Vega.

And now its JUAN RUIZ for Concepcion

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Trust to give you accurate boxing news. First they said Concepcion’s new opponent after Juanma withrew was “somebody named Rubio” , a couple of days later, after Dennis Principe came out with his news about the guy’s real surname “Ruiz”, came out with a retraction cum breaking news that Bernabe Concepcion will be battling Heriberto Ruiz! Amazing!

Now, the truth is out, Concepcion will not be battling anybody named Rubio nor Heriberto…he’ll be up against featherweight nobody JUAN RUIZ (24-6-0, 6Kos). 

Now I’m quite sure this would be the right guy, know why? Because I didn’t get my information at! I got it here. (See Feb 9 schedule). Breaking news my ass! Do your job right!

And the Concepcion-Lopez plot thickens…

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Sports writer/columnist/commentator/analyst par excellance Ronnie Nathanielsz joins the fray, giving us a glimpse of another TOPRANK-GBP tug-o-war. This time as to who really is telling the truth about Juanma Lopez’ fight schedule. Here’s Sir Ronnie’s article.

The article also confirms my earlier post at philboxing forum about Salven Lagumbay’s “breaking news” (of course Philboxing deleted the thread), on the cancellation of the Concepcion-Lopez fight, information which he though Jaro got directly from Arum. He even got the replacement boxer’s name wrong. Honest mistake really, Salven Lagumbay’s a good man and a real lover of the sport, I think Jaro just failed to tell Lagumbay that he got the info from Dennis Principe’s interview with Arum that same morning.

Anyway, back to the tug-o-war, GBP gets into the mix defending Lopez’ withdrawal, chickening out, backing out, ducking whatever you want to call it, in his scheduled match with Concepcion. Adding that a fight with GBP-boy Oquendo, was already scheduled earlier and that Lopez’ management wasn’t aware of any scheduled fight with Concepcion. So in this regard, Lopez didn’t chicken out, he HAD PRIOR COMMITMENTS. What a spin! Is Golden Boy telling us that the Lopez’ fight with whomever was just finalized a couple of days ago and that the fighters only have a month to train for it? Lopez needs a win to secure a possible title shot a Daniel Ponce De Leon; he can’t just train for a month, no way! I’m sure Lopez’ management would have been informed by GBP or Arum much earlier about possible opponents so they can’t say that until today, Arum didn’t inform them about a possible match with Concepcion.

I don’t think Lopez’ manager Peter Rivera could deny the fact that as early as the November his fighter’s schedule was posted in already (pending changes) and that even Bob Arum in an interview confirmed that Lopez is indeed fighting Concepcion. So there was at least some sort of negotiation happening so Rivera can not say that he “wasn’t informed”. Arum co-manages Lopez with Rivera for chrissake how could he not know that Arum is cooking something up for his fighter and vise-versa?

GBP could spin this all they want but they can never deny the fact that the Lopez-Concepcion fight was published and scheduled (to the point that appeared on and that for some reason, with a month to go before the fight Lopez “backs out”. Here’s what I think is happening here. GBP manages champ Daniel Ponce De Leon and a crack at de Leon’s WBO belt is what GBP dangled Rivera and Lopez. Of course on the other side, Rivera and Arum sets up a fall-back schedule – a fight with Bernabe Concepcion, just in case GBP and the Lopez camp fail to agree on certain terms and conditions. Then finally GBP and the Lopez camp come into terms, Arum OKs the deal and looks forward to another PPV co-promotion with GBP later this year. Concepcion on the other hand still gets his fight and his paycheck and another sure win under a decent card in Mexico. Everybody gets what they want, everybody goes home happy. But the Juanma Lopez fight-withdrawal just got too much attention, and Juanma is now painted as some fast-food bird. GBP has to do something and such statement, like the one that Sir Ronnie wrote bout, (however absurd), is I believe necessary on the part of GBP.

Fact remains, Juanma Lopez chickened out because he’s scared to lose his chance at Daniel Ponce de Leon. Bok bok bok…. 

I hate to compare..but who’s better? Boom or Abe?

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It is a fact that at 21 years old, Boom Boom Bautista is a lot more seasoned in the sport compared to Abe Concepcion. Boom Boom has more international exposure and still has an impressive 9-1-0 (6KOs) win-loss-draw record in international fights despite his embarrassing KO loss to Daniel Ponce de Leon. Bautista also has the more solid credentials as only 9 of his 26 opponents had single digit wins, Concepcion on the other hand has 15 single-digit-win opponents in 25 fights.


Before Boom Boom Bautista’s first loss, he was touted as Pacquiao’s successor – the next great Pinoy champ. If you can remember, there was even a time when Bernabe Concepcion was merely considered as a second-rate replacement for Boom-Boom when the latter got sick before a scheduled fight. Even Oscar Dela Hoya was quite sure that Boom Boom would defeat de Leon in the world cup! Of course now we know that that never happened. Instead, de Leon was able to expose the chink in Bautista’s armor – his glass chin. It’s just sad how one punch can change a fighter’s entire career. Bautista went from a legit contender to a suspect prospect, and his recent decision win didn’t help restore that lost glory, carving out a so-so win against an opponent he was supposed to KO. Sadly, Boom Boom will forever be remembered as the boxer who got KOed in the first round in the World Cup of Boxing.

Despite this, I wouldn’t dare suggest that Abe Concepcion is a better boxer than Boom Boom, he is not. But Abe seems to take punches better than Bautista as I still haven’t seen Concepcion stagger in a fight, though I believe de Leon could’ve KOed Concepcion too if Abe got the same punch Bautista got – any boxer would. I believe that Bautista, despite that loss can still beat a lot, if not all of the current crop of top super bantams out there.


I don’t like the idea pitting Bautista against Concepcion NOW – this early in their careers. What would both fighters gain from that? Bragging rights? Who needs that now? They’re still young, and a loss would affect their marketability as well as their chances for a belt and future big-money fights. Although if you think about it, if the two does figure in a good fight, that could also be good for their marketability – fans love rivalries.

Anyway, if they do decide to settle who is better, I wish they do it when they are both accomplished boxers already, so that win or lose, it wouldn’t have that much affect on their future as fighters. If they do fight who do I think will win? Concepcion will win of course, by KO, in a fight where both will push themselves to the limit. Concepcion is just a very busy fighter and a hard puncher, one lucky punch landing in Boom Boom’s jaw will be it. Don’t take it from me, Gerry Penalosa in an interview said “Sa tingin ko si Concepcion ang mananaig kasi based on my experience nung nag iisparring kami mas nahirapan ako kay Concepcion keysa kay Boom boom,, magalaw masyado si Concepcion”.

But then, at this point in Abe’s career, he is still raw talent. Yes, he has won two belts already and yes, Arum believes he’d be ready for a championship fight in a year or so, but I believe he should gather more experience. Work more on his boxing and slowly continue to make a name for himself by beating fighters with decent records – name fighters if possible. Getting the fights he wants would be easy once he has the name recall himself. Let Ponce de Leon, Molitor, Vasquez and Marquez jostle for top spot… they are the NOW of the division – the likes of Boom Boom and Abe Concepcion are its future.

If you want this fight to happen, vote here>>>


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Just like I said yesterday in my blog, Philboxing confirms it (though boxrec doesn’t have it in their schedules yet) that Concepcion will now be facing Heriberto Ruiz in the guy’s hometurf in Mexico, here’s the Philboxing article.

Now, who is this Heriberto Ruiz? He was a former Mexican flyweight champ, who’s currently campaigning in the bantamweight division. He suffered his first KO loss in an IBF bantamweight title match against Rafael Marquez, hasn’t held any belt outside Mexico because he apparently chokes during title fights as his three attempts at a title shot (including an IBF bantam title eliminator) ended up in losses – two of which was by KO.

Ruiz now goes up one division higher hoping to get his first international belt. Let me be the first to tell you, HE ISN’T GOING TO GET HIS FIRST TITLE. Most of his wins were against upstarts with single digit win records and even if Ruiz is in his hometurf, I don’t think he can fashion out a win against Concepcion. This is Arum’s way of drumming up the Marquez-Pacquiao rematch – by adding fuel to the Fil-Mex rivalry. This would be a good work-out for Abe though, and he could actually try to out-do Rafa Marquez by knocking out this guy within three rounds.

Bernabe Concepcion vs. Heriberto Ruiz will apparently be part of a triple-header match on February 9, 2008 at Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. The event will feature Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Jose Celaya (since JCJR’s fight with Alfonso Gomez didn’t push through) and the highly anticipated Jorge Arce vs. Martin Castillo bout, which is still not final, though the WBC in its Manila convention did confirm it as the final elimination bout in the super flyweight division. Let’s just hope no other fighter chickens out.