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Goodluck Abe! Link to Concepcion vs. Otieno here!

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Watch Abe Concepcion gun for the WBC International Featherweight title tonight in this link at around 9PM Philippine time.  Goodluck Abe!


KO Wins Just Don’t Cut It Anymore

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El Cajon, CA — Bernabe Concepcion last night at the Sycuan Casino Resort has to muster all his skills and strength to finally win over Giovanni Caro, the Mexican Super bantamweight champion.

Although Concepcion scored a flash knocked down during the second round, a KD that surprised Caro more than hurt him and finally scored a KO in the 8th, with a flurry of urgently needed punches, Concepcion needs a lot more work before he is fully ready for a world title fight.

Perhaps, he needs as much as two or three more close fight as he had with Caro before he should be matched with any of the alphabet champions.

I know that many fans will disagree with me, but I believe Concepcion, at this point and time is a good and gutsy fighter, but is not yet in the same league as Juan Ma Lopez or Rafael Marquez.

Buboy Fernandez and Nonoy Neri in a conversation with this writer at the Sycuan Casino after the fight indicated that Concepcion is good but “hindi pa siya hinog” (he is not quite ripe for the title).

Concepcion’s fight with Caro indeed proves that both Fernandez and Neri are right.

Dr. Ed dela Vega’s complete article>>>

His team has set such high standards that KO wins don’t cut it anymore for Bernabe Concepcion. He has to dominate his opponent in every aspect of the fight game otherwise he doesn’t earn respect. Now, is that good? Yes, in the long run because he won’t be content with just winning, he needs to win big and dominate! The downside of this though is that some detractors and critics (especially those that feel that Concepcion is not the country’s #1 super bantam prospect) gets much needed ammunition to question his skills and worth as a boxer.

These are some of the comments taken from boxing forums, from people who didn’t get to see the fight but are probably basing their criticism of Concepcion on what Dr. dela Vega wrote.

“What? He got beaten up with those swollen eyes by a bum. I thought he is the real deal and could win with an early KO with a bum opponent. tsk tsk tsk.. No future in boxing…”

“If this Caro guy fought Bautista, he would not last a couple of rounds… too bad for this kid (Abe), he is brainwashed by his trainer Jaro that he is really that good.”

“Abe’s an exciting fighter, with power in both hands, quick footed as well, but he better develop some defensive skills. Otherwise, he’ll be washed up in 5 years.”

“A prospect getting his left eye almost shut and fighting desperately against a bum opponent?
Not good…”

“Concepcion struggled with a bum?? He probably did what Trinidad did to Vargas and hit Caro with a low blow when he was in trouble.”

“I didn’t say put him in with a champ…someone with a 26-1 record like Concepcion needs to step it up. He needs to fight someone with a pulse and at least a little name. But if he struggled with “unknown” Caro… I guess they should still spoon feed him.”

“No matter what, you don’t get cut or go 8 rounds with a sublevel fighter unless you are not as good as advertise. You may get wobbled by a punch or go down by a surprise punch or whatever, but you don’t go 8 rounds and with a bloodied shut eye! No wonder why they didn’t what to put him with Juanma!”

These are comments coming from people who have not seen the fight. Let us not forget that Abe Concepcion has either knocked out or at least knocked down 7 of his 8 opponents in the US with Juan Ruiz being the only guy to escape being made to kiss the canvas.  Having a growing number of detractors and critics only mean two things; one, that Bernabe Concepcion has arrived and he’s now on that level where he needs to totally outclass every fighter he meets in the ring, and two, that every athlete that have detractors and critics also have a growing number of fans. With these developments, I actually pity Bernabe’s future opponents… because mere knockouts don’t cut it anymore for this 20-year old prospect.

Ace Freeman of Interviews Abe

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Ace Freeman caught up with young Filipino phenom Bernabe Concepcion as he prepares to fight on the televised undercard of Saturday’s Cotto vs. Margarito card, live from Las Vegas. Concepcion, currently 25-1-1 (14 KOs), is considered by some to be the next Manny Pacquiao. Learn more about this exciting young prospect, only on!

Watch the interview here>>>

Juanma vs. Concepcion by November?

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Plans are ongoing for a possible battle between newly-crowned WBO superbantam king Juan Manuel Lopez and Filipino Bernabe Concepcion on the undercard of superstar Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, possibly against Ricky Hatton later this year.

For Salven Lagumbay’s complete article, click here>>>

“The plan is to have Juanma fight two more times before the year is over. A possible fight is being considered for the August 30 undercard to the rematch between Ivan Calderon and Hugo Cazares. Then we want to return again in November and fight on a big fight card, maybe headlined by someone like a Manny Pacquiao,” Rivera told El Nuevo Dia.

Rivera only gave the names of Sergio Medina and Filipino Bernabe Concepcion when asked about possible opponents for the two dates.

For Mark Vester’s complete article click here >>>

Watch Bernabe Concepcion’s latest fight here!

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I would like to thank Nhinjo for uploading Bernabe Concepcion’s latest fight and allowing us to post it here. Check out more of Nhinjo’s boxing videos including the rest of Concepcion vs. Ruiz at his youtube channel here>>>

Feb 9 Latin Fury Card gets a facelift

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Junior bantamweight star Jorge Arce of Mexico suffered a shoulder injury training on Wednesday, forcing him to withdraw from his next fight, co-promoter Fernando Beltran told

In Arce’s place, junior flyweight titlist Edgar Sosa (30-5, 16 KOs) will make his fourth defense against Jesus Iribe (10-4-1, 6 KOs).

The same card will feature JCC Jr against unheralded Celaya, middleweight Jose Luis Zertuche against Marco Antonio Rubio and our very own Bernabe Concepcion going up against Juan Ruiz.Full story here>>>

Bernabe Concepcion with his manager Aljoe Jaro is now in the Wildcard Gym and will resume training soon according to a report by Ed dela Vega.

And now its JUAN RUIZ for Concepcion

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Trust to give you accurate boxing news. First they said Concepcion’s new opponent after Juanma withrew was “somebody named Rubio” , a couple of days later, after Dennis Principe came out with his news about the guy’s real surname “Ruiz”, came out with a retraction cum breaking news that Bernabe Concepcion will be battling Heriberto Ruiz! Amazing!

Now, the truth is out, Concepcion will not be battling anybody named Rubio nor Heriberto…he’ll be up against featherweight nobody JUAN RUIZ (24-6-0, 6Kos). 

Now I’m quite sure this would be the right guy, know why? Because I didn’t get my information at! I got it here. (See Feb 9 schedule). Breaking news my ass! Do your job right!