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Juanma wants Concepcion!

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In an article that appeared on, Juanma lopez vs. Sergio Medina apparently isn’t a done deal yet. Medina’s handlers merely offered Sergio Medina as a possible challenger to Juanma Lopez and that Team Juanma is still considering facing young gun Bernabe Concepcion. Team Juanma wants to fight on the undercard of Pacquaio vs. Dela Hoya on December 6 but insists that despite being a mere undercard, the money should be right for Juanma. It was said in other articles that talks of a Penalosa vs. Juanma fight didn’t push through because Penalosa was asking for too much.

[El invicto peleador boricua coincidió en que la pelea contra Concepción podría ser atractiva, por el hecho de que el filipino es considerado todo un prospecto de apenas 20 años de quien “se dicen muchas cosas”, y según López, un choque contra él serviría para aclarar dudas de quién es el mejor supergallo.]

Juanma Lopez, the undefeated Puerto Rican believes that the fight with Concepcion will be great because there are a lot of things being said about this 20-year old Filipino prospect. Juanma further says that a clash with Concepcion would put an end to all doubts as to who the better superbantam is.

This is good news, as the two was already supposed to meet in the ring earlier this year but Juanma chose to fight Oquendo in Puerto Rico instead. But Arum already said in an interview that he’s reserving Concepcion for his Dec 13 card in Macau, and since Concepcion like Pacquiao is also trained by Freddie Roach, I don’t think team Concepcion would be willing to accept the biggest fight of his career without Roach training him full time. I just hope Juanma would still be willing to face Concepcion early next year after their December assigments are done, otherwise, this statements of Juanma would be nothing but hot air.


We asked fans who they like Juanma to face…

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We asked fans who they like Juanma to face on the undercard of Pacman vs. dela Hoya, and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of Bernabe Concepcion.

Vote and be heard. You can visit the site here to post you views.

Fans want to see Juanma v. Abe on the Pac v. Dela Hoya undercard

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A poll shows how fans want to see Juanma fight Abe Concepcion more than the current superbantamweights who are already scheduled to be on the Magafight’s undercard. You can visit the site and vote and share your insights or to simply see the current votes here >>>

Juanma now says that Concepcion didn’t want to fight him

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In an pathetic attempt to justify team Juanma Lopez’ handpicking of Olivier Lontchi for the WBO Champion’s first defense, they floated some names that allegedly were scared to fight him. The list includes Gerry Penalosa victim Johnny Gonzalez, Ponce de Leon victims Boom Boom Bautista and Sod Looknongyangtoy and Bernabe Concepcion.

“The truth is that nobody of the top ten in my division wants to fight me.” – Juanma Lopez

Full article about Juanma’s new challenger here >>>

This is quite interesting because Bernabe Concepcion already personally said in a past interview (video is still in youtube) that he looks forward to meeting Juanma Lopez in the ring. Remember Juanma Lopez already ducked Concepcion before, opting to fight less dangerous Oquendo so as not to derail his date with Ponce De Leon. Arum even talked about the fight in an interview (still available on youtube) only to find out that team Juanma Lopez made a deal with GBP (apparently without Arum knowing) that team Lopez chose to fight Oquendo in Puerto Rico instead.

IF it is true that a challenge was indeed given to team Concepcion, It is very doubtful that Pacman, Jaro et al turned it down. Concepcion’s management save for Roach who has reservations about Concepcion facing Lopez all believe that he is ready for a title shot, but Roach’s reservation stems more from Concepcion’s being untested in his fights more than anything else – Concepcion only fought as a Roach pupil in two fights and they all ended early. Interestingly, it is Roach who is confident on Concepcion jumping one division higher and challenging for bigger Steven Luevano’s WBO title.

If this is team Juanma Lopez’ way of regaining their ward’s lost manhood for ducking Concepcion before, it just won’t work. Masking their allegations in spanish and posting it in spanish speaking websites won’t change the fact that; one, Juanma ducked Concepcion and two, there WASN’T ANY CHALLENGE or even a FEELER sent to team Concepcion for a title shot. Olivier Lontchi may seem like a credible challenge for Juanma Lopez, but no way is Lontchi more dangerous than Concepcion or Bautista or even a Sod Looknongyangtoy. The Canadian barely escaped in his last fight, being knocked down in the first round and pummeled post to post in much of the early rounds by a fighter handpicked by Lontchi’s team to pad Olivier’s record. How the hometown judges saw that fight as a draw is beyond me.

Juanma Lopez and Abe Concepcion will meet in the near future, there’s no denying that, but team Lopez’ incredulous claims of Concepcion being scared of Lopez is nothing short of pathetic. Dream on.

An Abe Concepcion vs. Juanma Lopez teaser

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For the fans…

With Abe, Mares and JuanMa, the division is in good hands

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Manny Pacquiao, Eric Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez have three things in common; one, they are all hall of fame bound (well three of them are hall-of-fame shoe-ins right now), two, they are all P4P listers and lastly, they all held titles in the super bantamweight division.

Pacquiao, Morales and Barrera went on to win titles in higher weight divisions leaving the division in the hands of more-than-worthy successors Vazquez and Rafa Marquez but both these guys at 30 and 33 years of age respectively aren’t getting any younger and would definitely need to pass on the baton to the next generation.

Molitor and Caballero does hold titles now but at ages 28 and 32 respectively, aren’t really what you call “young guns”. The undefeated Molitor doesn’t seem to want to fight outside Canada, while tall and lanky Caballero doesn’t seem to have the chin to go with his vaunted power much like erstwhile title holder Daniel Ponce de Leon who was drilled in one round. Still the division is quite deep with prospects. You have in that list the likes of 21 year-old Boom Boom Bautista from the Philippines, 22 year-old Brazilian Alex de Oliveira, 22 year-old Kiko Martinez of Spain, undefeated 22 year-old Mexican Abner Mares, 20 year-old Filipino Abe Concepcion who is the current NABF Champ and undefeated 25-year old WBO Champ Juanma Lopez.

The most promising of these prospects are Beristain-trained Abner Mares, Roach-trained Concepcion who wowed Kellerman, Lampley and Stewart in his demolition of Adam Carrera and of course the fearsome Juanma Lopez, who took out Daniel Ponce de Leon in one round for the WBO belt. So the old-boys in the division better watch out..the young guns are coming, and they are a nasty bunch.

Juanma vs. Concepcion by November?

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Plans are ongoing for a possible battle between newly-crowned WBO superbantam king Juan Manuel Lopez and Filipino Bernabe Concepcion on the undercard of superstar Manny Pacquiao’s next fight, possibly against Ricky Hatton later this year.

For Salven Lagumbay’s complete article, click here>>>

“The plan is to have Juanma fight two more times before the year is over. A possible fight is being considered for the August 30 undercard to the rematch between Ivan Calderon and Hugo Cazares. Then we want to return again in November and fight on a big fight card, maybe headlined by someone like a Manny Pacquiao,” Rivera told El Nuevo Dia.

Rivera only gave the names of Sergio Medina and Filipino Bernabe Concepcion when asked about possible opponents for the two dates.

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